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In Blackjack, Taking Insurance Is Usually A Waste of Money You lose $5 on insurance and win $15 on your original bet, $10 net gain. 3) You don't have blackjack but the dealer does. You win $10 on insurance and lose your original $10 bet, a push. 4) Neither you nor the dealer have blackjack and you win the hand. You lose the $5 insurance but win $10 on your original bet, $5 net gain. What is insurance in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers An interesting situation occurs when you get dealt a blackjack and the dealer shows an Ace. The dealer will ask the table for insurance, but since you have a blackjack, he will ask you if you want EVEN money. If you say YES to even money, it means that you are taking insurance and get auto paid 1:1 on your ORIGINAL wager. Taking Insurance in Blackjack - Is It Worth It? A question I get asked quite frequently by casino players is whether they should take insurance in blackjack. It seems to be something that confuses a lot of people, even among those that fully understand basic strategy and the role that math has to play in blackjack. Blackjack Insurance -

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Blackjack Insurance and Even Money Explained Blackjack Insurance If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace, and you don’t hold a blackjack, then you will be offered to place insurance bet, which can be worth up to half of your original bet. Then, if the dealer reveals a blackjack, you lose your original bet, but paid 2 to 1 on the side bet.

If the dealer does have a blackjack, then all wagers (except insurance) ... I continue to get Emails saying that when this strategy was used with my practice game, ...

If the dealer does not get that blackjack, the player's main wager will pay one and a half but he will lose half a unit on the insurance. The combined when between the main wager and the insurance wager is one unit when the dealer does get a blackjack and one unit when the dealer does not get a blackjack.

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Insurance, also known as a Side Bet, is a widespread feature popular among table game fans and Blackjack players in particular. You are allowed to take advantage of it whenever dealer's face up card is an Ace. When to Buy Insurance in Blackjack | Gambling Tips - YouTube One blackjack strategy is to buy insurance. Our gambling expert explains what that means and when to do it in this video. Knowing when to buy insurance greatly increases your odds of winning ... What Is The Insurance in Blackjack And Why It’s a Scam